Additional Services

Apart from all the aforementioned services offered by Corponest company, there are some additional services that you might percieve interesting, from taking photographs/pictures, through professional translation to printing preparation. At the same time, we will take all your ideas and suggestions into consideration and carry them out in accordance to your wishes. To ensure you are always at service for your clients and consumers, we will be here for you.


Whether you need internet presentations, brochures, catalogues or other materials and activities closely connected with the areas of marketing and advertising, Corponest offers a service that includes taking pictures of your facilities, products, events and ceremonies. Also, we offer production of artistic photographs and digital picture rendering, later to be used for your personal needs, to promote you and your business activity, services or products.

Professional translation

Along with the service of making websites, multimedia presentations and web applications, Corponest offers you the possibility to translate your Internet presentations and applications, or your advertising material to several popular foreign languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Greek...). Main advantage of this service is an opportunity to get your company and your website known outside your country. This way, you will lay an excellent foundation for potential cooperation with foreign clients and establish yourself among the leading entrepreneurs in your business activity.

Printing preparation

Within their range of additional services, Corponest also prepares printing material, whether that material consists of books, monographs, bulletins or any other type of printed promotions tied to your business activity. To make sure your material will be realised in accordance with your expectations, we recommenend that you consult with us before taking the press material to your designated printing office. Corponest, in professional manner, preventively thinks of your wellbeing and tends to prevent any unpleasant surprise.

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