Ever since Internet grew into highly popular media technology, Internet advertisement became widespread promotional mode. Availability of informations, offered on a constant basis to its users, made Internet a tool which gives company a possibility to raise awareness of the products and services it offers. If you choose this way of advertising, all Internet users will be only a mouse-click away from becoming your loyal clients.

If you already have Internet presentation or a banner, Corponest portal will make them accessible to incredible number of users. If that is not the case, Corponest will develop Internet advertising models to attract attention of customer groups you wish to focus on, making your advertising much more efficient. Let Corponest become your Internet solution.

Internet presentations

Internet presentation (website) is a simple and efficient way to present your products and services. This type of advertising enables direct communication with clients and fast promotional actions for current products and services, as well as those new and upcoming.

At the same time, Corponest offers refined and functional solutions for Internet presentation development, whether it is related to design or redesign. You can rest assured that website will be adjusted to your desires and business needs. If you already have Internet presentation, and you wish to change its appearance, concept and contents, Corponest team will perform that task for you with maximum efficiency.

Aiming to increase flexibility of each Internet presentation, Corponest offers you service of CMS (Content Management System) implementation, an autonomous updating of online data. CMS will give you an opportunity to control the relevant part and amount of website data. CMS will enable you to manage contents of your own Internet presentation without any prior technical knowledge or experience. CMS usage is extremely simple and practical for any kind of modifications and additions.

In order to make website visible and accessible to as many users as possible, Corponest utilizes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tehnique. This highly useful activity array will help your website achieve one of the best positions on world’s foremost online browsers. SEO method consists of keyword analysis, competition research, demand and control of presentational activity. SEO is a crucial element for website promotion, since its function will diminish, regardless of design and functionality, without sufficient number of visits.

Corponest gives you an access to PPC (Pay Per Click) service, which supports currently leading model of Internet advertising. This model is used for redirection of traffic onto websites, where advertisers pay for hosting service when  someone/consumer clicks their ad. For browsing, advertisers usually utilize keywords important to their primary customer base/targeted customer base, thus making your presentation easily reachable. Through its sufficient experience, Corponest will help you define keywords and allow designated customers to reach your presentation.

Banners and landing pages

At this moment, banners are the most prevalent type of Internet advertising. These visually attractive ads in a form of static image or animation have a task to make visitor interested and serve as a direct link with your Internet pages.

Corponest produces static and animated banners in various formats (JPG, GIF, SWF) , in all sizes, designed to provide as much attention as possible for your visitors and, at the same time, showing optimal number of desired information and their content. In-depth information regarding your promotion can be gained by a simple click on a banner, giving visitors an opportunity to access landing page – internet billboard for your promotional campaign. An attractive design will allow controlled iinvolvement of visitors, increase average amount of time they spend on your website and significantly reduce a bounce rate.


The most detailed overview of products and services is achieved with multimedia presentations. By combining photography, sound, animation and text, Corponest will allow your presentation to speak for itself. With an aid of PowerPoint and Flash presentations, along with animations and realistic sound environment, Corponest will provide you an entirely new visual experience, difficult to attain with other techniques. This type of presentation is intended for a promotion of specific product or service, ceremonial events organized by your company, conferences, conventions etc.

In order to present your business as effective as possible, we also offer technically improved simulations. Through simplification of business processes and their visual overview, simulations will help you interact with customer, raising his attention to a higher level, but in a controlled and focused manner. By releasing simulation to your Internet presentation, you will leave a lasting impression on potential business associates and use your time as efficient as possible.

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