Branding is a complete process which includes market positioning and creation of easily recognizable visual identity. Brands are everywhere. Through brands, you communicate with your clients and make them aware of your product. If you have an ambition to distinguish yourself in your business activity and be recognized on a market, Corponest will enhance your company’s business affairs with pleasure. Let your brand stand as the first association for quality.

Market positioning

Market positioning involves two types of activity. First activity is based on market research, and the second one defines relevant marketing campaign for market appearance.

As far as market research is concerned, Corponest uses modern statistical model and applications to process directly acquired market data. You can test consumers from your business activity, or a business activity related to yours, analize competition or assess cost effectiveness of business decisions outside of actual teritorial boundaries.

After conducting an in-depth market analysis, Corponest will make an adequate marketing campaign for your promotional appearance. To that end, we will create marketing plan outline, a detailed report on guidelines for your future marketing activities and means how to finance them. Whether you plan to introduce a new product, expand an existing one or analyze its current score, Corponest will provide you comprehensive marketing plan, both consistent and financially effective.

Visual identity

It is in a mutual interest to have your company ahead of competition and to garner market attention. Corponest offers you a way to define visual identity for Your company, a straightforward and the most tangible form of corporate profile. Using this service package, Corponest will design a logo for Your company, adequately interpreted through various advertising material.

Logo is a combination of graphic elements, symbols and brand icons. It has to be visually effective and simple, particularly crafted to allow others to easily memorize it and associate with your company, merchandise or service. Corponest offers you a logo which would significantly increase your company’s visibility on a market, especially within relevant industry.

Business cards,brochures, printed material, flyers etc. present an upgrade of visual identity, shapen according to company’s needs. They will help you leave an excellent first impression and promote Your business activity. To further increase your brand’s visibility, we offer service of making T-shirts and jerseys, which would help lifting the corporate spirit during various recreational activities. You would be in a position to carry out promotional campaigns through billboards, or offer symbolic gifts to your business associates : planners, pencils, key-rings, lighters, ashtrays… Corponest will make an effort to present your company in a best possible manner and help you create wide range of advertising material, thus showing that you care for every aspect of your business.

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