Quality with discount

Define your everyday wishes not through a prism of price, but of requirements and quality. Continue doing what you like the most and what you thrive in and allow the same privilege to your business partners. In that way, the quality of products and efficiency of our service will retain the highest level and you will be able to experience unlimited possibilities. Announce your discount to the partners and become a part of the world where profit derives from customers` satisfaction.

Enhance brand visibility

Let Your company’s advertisement shine in front of your business partners and future associates. By presentation and advertising at Corponest portal and through "Corponest 4a" application, you will not only get your brand noticed, but also be able to present services and products you are most proud of with adequate level of detail. Easily accessible and searchable informations will be presented to the clients of other companies in Corponest partner group as well, allowing your market of potential consumers to grow in a controllable manner.

Reliable clients

In a business world, quantity without quality is just not sufficient. Apart from growing number of clients, membership in Corponest partnership group offers partners willing to respond to your offer with loyalty. In case you become your partners' client, politeness and quality will surely be returned. Having loyal associates in all parts of the country, region and world is both good and useful.

New business opportunities

Your collaboration with partners is not restricted by the general principles of the partnership group. Get to know your partner better and discover true potential of direct mutual cooperation. Arrange combined product or service, and then act as a team on the market. Corponest partnership group will open completely new business opportunities for you.

Simple promotional offers

Corponest offers you not only a possibility to cooperate with your partners, but also an option to access our portal with ease and present your unique offer to the customers. Whether you are trying to make your way onto the market, test new target group or compensate temporary decline in business, you have the opportunity to announce your promotional offer in just a few minutes. Your offer would be available for certain amount of time, until sufficient number of clients express their interest in it or until you simply cancel it. Let the advertising, instead of individual project, become simple, casual activity of your business.

Presentations for foreign clients

You want to be first representative of your industry for foreign citizens? Corponest, in cooperation with foreign portals, will provide potential tourists with information which companies, their respective  products and services are the most succesful in your country. Consider this as a powerful electronic recommendation, and quality of your products and services will remain a key ingredient for further building of positive international reputation.

Flexible cooperation

Adapt terms of membership to your capabilities and arrange random scope of cooperation for random period of time. Together, we can create a model which suits best your short-term or long-term business ambitions. Corponest is always ready to fulfill our clients` requests, and we expect the same from you and your partners.

Building spirit of partnership

Health and general well-being of your body is precondition for succesful business operation. For its partners only, Corponest organizes various sporting and recreational events, giving you an opportunity to relax yourself after strenuous business period and meet your partners from a different perspective. Only in a spontaneous environment you will be able to achieve a necessary level of confidence in Your associates.

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Corponest 4a on Android Market!

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